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Inspired Chaos is…

Coming out on the Other Side… Stronger.

I really can’t believe that we only have four full months left in 2020! This has been the fastest (and slowest) moving year I’ve ever experienced, and sometimes it still feels like we’re living in a dream… a completely weird one… that makes no sense whatsoever.

It frequently feels like there are more disagreements than agreements on any and all topics, no matter what “side” you’re on or who you believe. I have confidence though, that no matter what, there are lessons to be learned from these challenges we’ve all been thrown this year. And I’ve prayed hard for 2020 to do one thing for me… to make me stronger.

Stronger in my beliefs.

Stronger in my character.

Stronger in my actions.

Stronger in my communication.

Stronger in my caring and generosity.

Stronger in my faith.

Stronger in my love.

STRONGER all around.

So, I’ve always had this thing for industrial items (I must get it from my mama.) Give us all the old rusty stuff. We’ll take the heavy metal scraps, the giant pieces of old wood, chains and levers and knobs – all of it! Some see a heavy old piece of junk using up space. We see a piece of art waiting to be created. We admire the strength of the item – the way it’s held together through time, the beauty of the rust, the way the outside elements have tried to change it, try to break it down, and it becomes new and different. (Call us hippies – or hoarders – but we don’t just toss something aside because it’s broken or not whole.) We’ve been collecting some sweet pieces for some time trying to figure out how to use them in displays and always came back to the same conclusion, “They’re too hard and harsh for the house. A sweet Victorian should have pretty things. The two just don’t go together. These pieces belong in a cool industrial space with brick and cement and steel beams.”

But after this year, we’ve just decided that isn’t true. After this year, we’ve decided that anything goes.

So our Fall and Winter theme at Inspired Chaos is going to be looking… STRONGER.

You’re going to be seeing a whole lot of metal and rust, more solid pieces and more sturdiness. Great beauty can come from some junk. And just because there’s some grime and wear on a piece doesn’t make it less admirable – less interesting – less strong. AND the coolest thing about these pieces is that one lousy old piece of scrap metal may not do much – might not hold a lot of weight, but when you start adding other misfits – other pieces – they become STRONGERtogether...


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