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2020 - The BEST One Yet

I know what you’re probably thinking... All of those concussions last year have finally gotten to Jenna’s noggin. She can’t think clearly anymore. How can she possibly say “2020 - The BEST One Yet?!”

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the best year. It was kind of one of the worst ever - unpredictable, scary, challenging, heartbreaking... just downright hard in every possible way. ... And still, that challenge brought my Inspired Chaos family some of the BEST gifts I could have ever asked for...

I can't keep it a secret any longer. It's been like being stabbed in my gut.


You rallied behind us - your small town shop, Inspired Chaos, and voted IC as the winners of WV Living's 2020 Best Gift Shop in WV, Best Local Place to Buy Women's Apparel in WV, AND Best Regional Shopping.

I started shaking when I got the call because I honestly couldn’t get over the immense gratitude I felt. You guys are the BEST Customers in West Virginia and on the whole planet. You voted daily, sent messages of love and support, and you got us ranked above stores located in cities more than 10 times the size of Berkeley Springs! You guys just always show up - every single time - in every single way.

This year has been a challenge. No doubt... And sometimes it can take an overwhelming undeniable breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough.

2020 gave us the BEST lesson in humility yet. We realize that a small business can’t thrive or even survive without the love and support of our neighbors and friends. As we little guys were forced to close our doors for community safety this spring, you all came running to our sides. You placed orders, you shared our information, you checked in. You graced me with humility this year and were unwavering in your compassion for your neighbors.

2020 gave us the BEST clarity yet. Sometimes people got a little intense. Some people even got a little mean. And some people stepped up for us in ways I never could have imagined. This year taught me how important it is to love the people who love and take care of you, and how crucial it is to dump the jerks who don't help your soul to flourish. 2020 taught me that every moment is precious and we need to be clear on what feeds our souls and go for it.

2020 gave me the BEST reflection yet. I had forgotten how much I need quiet time to be myself. I had forgotten how much I need to read and create to truly be myself. I had forgotten how much I NEED time in nature.

2020 gave us the BEST chance to be creative yet. When time seems to stop or slow way down, you have more of a chance to create some sweet art... ironing board ladies and paintings for your tiny cabin. When your business isn't allowed to be open to the public and you can't offer total online shopping with your biz model, you have to get a little creative about how to get your products to customers. We had to grow with the flow this year and push ourselves beyond our comfort limits.

In 2020 some of the BEST of the BEST yet were taken from us. We grieve the losses of dear friends, mentors and family, and we grieve the way things used to be. Nothing will ever be the same and that's a really tough feeling.

Finally 2020 gave us the BEST reminders yet. I learned that no matter how much you hate it, there are some things out of your control... But, you can control your actions and reactions with any situation, you can control your peace/emotions, you can control how you move forward even when it doesn't feel possible.

Thank you for being part of the BEST one YET. Thank you for the lessons you grace me with and your friendships. We can’t wait to get even BESTer in 2021.

(We wanted to announce the win with our photos below and they are true to Inspired Chaos style - I ordered balloons that were way too big and these dogs just couldn't cooperate. But we’re happy and blessed... and a whole hot mess express.) We are Inspired Chaos.


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