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An Inspired Chaos Retreat

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Inspired Chaos is... a tiny cottage in the woods.

I grew up believing I was the real Disney Pocahontas - I even had the costume. Maybe it’s because my dad was a state park superintendent and my mom was the type to hold up insects and reptiles to identify them for us. Maybe it’s because we spent our free time hiking and exploring. I’m at my happiest and most peaceful when surrounded by peeling bark walls and carpets of moss. So after living full-time in town the last few years and beginning to feel a bit restless, I knew it was time to start searching for a place with some quiet – somewhere with a deck to read a book under a hot August sun, somewhere where the spring peepers or birds are the background noise instead of kids goofing around (not that I don’t smile when I hear that.)

I fell in love with several places from the start, a home with a super large living room where all that I love could gather, a home built all by hand with so much heart. I had a contractor give me estimates on my first love, submitted offers and prayed, but nothing seemed to work out.

Then it just happened. My mom was speaking with a friend about what we were looking for and he knew just the place – it wasn’t even listed. A 576 square foot cottage off a goat path through the woods. I knew I had to look at it. I felt like it was mine immediately. When I got out of the vehicle, I swore I could hear laughter – like joy of the past inhabitants still echoed between the steady Cacapon River and mountain behind. The large screened porch was enough to seal the deal before even walking over the threshold. The original pine paneling wafted that warm wood aroma and there was the perfect amount of space with two bedrooms and a full bath. I could envision the memories that would be made around the fire pit in the backyard and the fish that would be caught just down the hill. I had to have it. The craziest part of all was how much it felt like my late dad was there. I could feel his presence – smell his cologne. I learned later from several of his friends that they used to play poker and drink beer at that very same cabin. See? Totally meant to be. I closed the deal on January 13, 2020.

It’s slowly becoming mine. The screen porch is being rebuilt (unfortunately the support beams were rotting) and the roof is getting replaced. The bedrooms are being painted and the furniture is being switched out for my own eclectic style. It’s going to look an awful lot like “Inspired Chaos” with my mid-century modern and farmhouse furniture, my hand-dyed tie dye and china I’ve collected, art reflecting nature and random books. It’s going to look an awful lot like me – and feel an awful lot like a sweet retreat.

Stay tuned if you feel like it for some DIY dramas, flipping stories and if you’re curious. We’ll be sharing the progress along the way. Thanks for being a part of my joyful journey!

Before Pic... Here's a shot of the eat-in kitchen from the original real estate listing!

Before Pic... The kitchen opens up to a sweet small living area.

Before Pic... This will be my room!

Before Pic... See what I mean about the screen porch?!

"What I love most about rivers is you can't step in the same river twice. The water's always changing, always flowing."

And just like that, it became MY room and MY tiny house. With a few coats of paint and new curtains it transformed from a country mountain cabin to my forest cottage escape. ♥

“At Inspired Chaos, we celebrate beautifully messy lives, cherish sweet ordinary moments and find wonder in the everyday.”


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