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Garden Club Ladies... Gone Wild

Inspired Chaos is... "Garden Club Ladies Gone Wild"

When we were little and visited my grandparents in Berkeley Springs, it always felt like a totally magical place - somewhere fairies should live.  The sun always seemed to shine and from the castle on the hill to the bubbling springs our community kept little Jenna enchanted.  Even then I noticed the lush gardens dotted around town and the park that were always so beautifully maintained and I remember seeing the ladies working on those gardens thinking they must be angels...or grandmothers. Same thing, right? Fast forward a few years. I'm blessed (and totally crazy enough) to own a shop in charming Berkeley Springs, WV. I try to create a little bit of my own special magic in our space by changing out the quirky displays/decor at least twice a year after months of planning and usually a week of being closed to pull it all together. A few of our past themes have been...

"Wild & Wonderful" - a fall theme where we incorporated anything natural we could find - antlers, sticks, stones, gems, woods, moss, feathers and more. "A Cozy Study" - A fall/winter theme with an emphasis on old books and vintage research materials, antique office supplies and more. And this Spring/Summer (even though we were closed for a few months), we decided our theme would be inspired by some of our favorite people... "Garden Club Ladies - Gone Wild..." - you’ll find flowers just about everywhere you turn (including the make-shift mannequin heads), tea party china hanging on the walls and more. The Foxglove Garden Club ladies of Berkeley Springs have diverse and impressive stories and backgrounds. There are millions of things to which they could devote their spare time, but they choose to work on our community gardens, making them delightfully magic for everyone. Some of these hardworking ladies are published authors, some are business owners and several hold numerous high level degrees. Some can throw the best dinner party around and a few can out drink me any day. I consider them an inspiration in life... and for my theme this season. I consider my mom a crazy garden lady. Her ideas are endless and the work she devotes to make our cottage gardens look the way they do is unbelievable. She loves playing in the dirt and then cracking open an ice cold beer or a glass of White Zin to end the evening.  I never tire of the rich stories of our community and the people that live and work here. I feel a huge sense of pride when my creativity makes its way to other places - like when one of our  unique flower crowns makes it to a 94th birthday celebration or a display piece is borrowed for a local backyard wedding. 

Inspired Chaos is... being part of a community who takes pride in their gardens and the magic of our town.

By the way... our Fall theme is gradually coming together and we can't wait to show it off!

Miss Betty Lou, one of our favorite Foxglove ladies, rocks our flower crown!


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