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Inspired Chaos is... LOVE

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Inspired Chaos is… being who you are.

I was raised going to church every Sunday; it was my favorite day of the week. When the chorus filled the tiny church and the sun shone through the stained-glass windows, things just felt good and right. There was a calm peace and love. My brother and I were also raised to care for and about people – to love them – no matter who they were, their backgrounds or histories, what they looked like or who they loved. We were raised to believe that appreciation for others is a holy thing – that when we are valuing the person we’re with at that very moment, we were doing what God does all the time. Loving and appreciating our neighbors (even the loud and mean ones) – that was something sacred.

When you walk into Inspired Chaos, there’s a sign by the front door that says “Everyone is family here. Welcome home.” And we mean it. When you walk in the front door, we care about you. We want you to feel warmly welcomed and safe. We want you to be yourself.

We are allies and supporters.

Humanity is our race. Love is our religion. And spreading peace and kindness are our weapons.

Happy Pride Month, dear friends.


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