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What's in a Name?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Inspired Chaos is...

After being open for over a year, a lot of folks have asked what exactly the shop name, "Inspired Chaos" means. They come into the store expecting a mess of things to climb over and total disarray. "Inspired Chaos" is a reflection of my life. It's all messy. I never make my bed. I would wear boxer shorts every day if it was socially acceptable. My thighs and belly jiggle. I still haven't decorated my bedroom walls with the 700 pins I've chosen on Pinterest. I choose to ignore the dirty dishes and spend my time having a dance party! My life is "Inspired Chaos" and I couldn't feel more blessed. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

“At Inspired Chaos, we celebrate beautifully messy lives, cherish sweet ordinary moments and find wonder in the everyday.”

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25 de set. de 2019

Had a wonderful time visiting Inspired Chaos on a girls getaway, visiting state 47 on our quest to see all 50 states before we turn 50! Love Jenna and her lovely shop. Cannot wait to visit again!

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